Index Management for Environmental Pollutants

SK hynix establishes environmental standards higher than what are required by the law to promote sustainable development and to preserve the earth’s environment. The company makes every effort to reduce environmental pollutant emissions through operating the “SHE Qual. System” to fundamentally control pollutants and introducing the most suitable treatment system.

Air Pollutant Emissions Unit (g/㎠)

Air Pollutant Emissions

Water Pollutant Emissions(㎎/ℓ)

Water Pollutant Emissions

Recycling of Wastes(ton)

Recycling of Wastes

Chemicals Management

SK hynix conducts compulsory and professional education for its members for the safe and proper treatment of chemicals and executes emergency response training for checking, assessing and swiftly handling emergencies based on preventive systems, such as risk management plans and process safety management (PSM).
The company examines risks associated with new materials through the “SHE Qual. System” and has implemented a process of systematization to examine if those materials could be used and to approve them. In addition, the company registered Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) with a computer and conducted systematization to easily search data about physical properties.
SK hynix makes every effort to decrease pollutant emissions through activities to reduce the basic unit (product capacity vs. consumption) of chemicals, monitoring and making improvements by enhancing processes.

“SHE Qual.”A preliminary review system to realize international competitiveness through fundamentally blocking harmful substances while adopting new chemicals, observing domestic and international regulations and introducing eco-friendly processes and products

  • Harmful substances prohibited by SK hynix should be screened in advance before purchasing all new materials and applying processes.
  • Related cooperative companies should submit results of tests of harmful ingredients and a certificate for not using about 500 harmful substances prohibited by SK hynix.
SHE Qual

Water Resources Management

The Icheon workplace of SK hynix uses raw water that has been directly sourced from Namhangang (South Han River) after water treatment and some water is obtained from the regional water supply facility. Cheongju workplace uses water from the regional water supply facility that is supplied by the water resources corporation (Daecheongho Lake).
SK hynix continues to reduce the amount of waste water generated by reusing portions of ultrapure water that is discarded after use in the production process as well as by expanding the waste water reusing facility in stages. The water used is treated and discharged in such a way that it does not affect the water system through the optimized waste water treating system. Furthermore, factors that may impact the environment are monitored around the clock through the real-time monitoring system (TMS) that is installed within the dewatering outlet. Not only do we plan to comply with the legal standards regarding effluents but we also plan to continuously monitor the effects that effluents have on organisms through the bio-sending devices.