About us

We Do Technology SK hynix is ushering in a new future by leading the technology-based IT ecosystem.
With tenacious commitment and technological innovation, SK hynix is striving to make a future where all stakeholders and members of society enjoy shared growth. By establishing a system of a new brand identity, SK hynix is aiming to become a maker of a better world at the core of advanced technology.

Purpose Making a better world
with all members of society
by leading the tech-based
IT ecosystem
Values Tenacity & Commitment
Advanced Tech.
Prosperity Together
Drivers Leading Technology
Trusted Partnership
Shared Social Value

Brand Identity

Technology Innovator for a Better World

Brand Slogan

We Do Technology SK hynix
The mission of SK hynix
The unique values upheld by all SK hynix members
The reasons for which customers/society choose and support SK hynix
Brand Identity (BI)
The identity & ultimate goal of SK hynix which reflects the Purpose/Values/Drivers
Brand Slogan
A more symbolic and concise version of the BI