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  • SK hynix, a comprehensive semiconductor maker, has entered into the system LSI area, CMOS Image Sensors (CIS) since 2007. Our flagship memory products are DRAM, NAND flash, and Multichip Package (MCP).
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  • SK hynix’s domestic offices are located in Icheon and Bundang, Gyeonggi-do and Cheongju, Chungbuk Province. In overseas, we have 4 R&D subsidiaries 10 sales subsidiaries worldwide including 2 production sites in Wuxi and Chongqing, China. We also have sales offices and branch offices across 16 countries.
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  • Although we do not have service centers, product issues can be consulted with our OEMs and authorized distributors to whom we have offered return privileges. Please contact your place of purchase for guided assistance.
  • For purchases, please seek one of our authorized distributors.
    Although you may be able to purchase our products from a vendor outside of our distributor list, please keep in mind that SK hynix only made commitments for return privileges on RMA and Warranty with our OEMs and authorized distributors.

    For the list of our authorized distributors, please click the link below.
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  • Please contact the nearest SK hynix branch for inquiries regarding sample requests.

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  • Please search for the specific product on our website for datasheets. You may also find datasheets from our products lists located within each of our product pages. However, please note that due to security reasons, not all datasheets are disclosed to the public. 

    You may also contact the nearest branch should you have any further questions.
    For the list of our branches, please click the link below.
    [ABOUT US > Global Network]
  • As a rule, the company releases quarterly earnings within one month of its quarterly closing. However, 4th quarter earnings may be released later because of the year-end closing. For the exact schedule of quarterly earnings release, please refer to [IR>IR Event>IR Schedule]
  • If you would like to see SK hynix’s current status of obtaining quality policy and certifications including IATF and ISO, please click [SUPPORT > Quality Assurance] in the website.
  • SK hynix offers opportunities to all enterprises to do business with us. For initial vendor registration, you can proceed in the “Global G-PIS” system.

    - Global G-PIS > BP Registration
  • For various information including official press release and reports on technology, insights, and global sites announced by SK hynix, you can get those information if you click “NEWSROOM”(