Conduct PSM System

PSM(Process Safety Management)

PSM is a systematic safety management system. SK hynix prepared [process safety reports] containing plans about management of safety, health and technology data, assessment of risks regarding hazardous and dangerous processes, the securing of perfect safety of facilities and safe operation of facilities, and has implemented them.
The company has implemented a comprehensive safety management system to prevent serious industrial accidents by making all workers voluntarily take part in the process, find out potential risks regarding dangerous facilities and eliminate them or reduce their effects as much as possible.

12 elements of PSM

※ PSM rules and company regulations : Occupational Safety and Health Act Article 49 Clause 2 (submission of process safety reports, among others), S2-SHE-102(industrial safety management provision), S3-SHE-107(process safety reports preparation provision)

12 PSM Elements to Practice
1. Data about process safety
Data about process safety
The most basic data to operate processes
2. Risk assessment
Risk assessment
Find out risks and eliminate them
3. Guidelines for safe operation
Guidelines for safe operation
Detailed procedures for safe process operation
4. Facility checking and maintenance
Facility checking and maintenance
Checking, examination and maintenance procedures to secure facility safety
5. Safe work permission
Safe work permission
License system to find out work risks and eliminate them
6. Safety management for contract companies
Safety management for contract companies
Securing safety of contract companies at the same level as SK hynix
7. Education plans for workers
Education plans for workers
Various education programs to help workers execute their jobs safely
8. Guidelines for checking before operation
Guidelines for checking before operation
Check risks and remove them before facility operation
9. Management of altered elements
Management of altered elements
Examine risks of alterations in advance
10. Self-checking
Self-checking about performance of PSM
11. Process accident investigation
Process accident investigation
Find out basic reasons of accidents and establish preventive measures
12. Emergency measures
Emergency measures
Swiftly handle and protect human lives and properties in emergency

Advancement of SHE Qualification

SK hynix reviews the pollutant (emission) of Gases/ Chemicals in advance to promote and ensure fundamental safety assurance from the design/ production stage of the equipment (facility) and operates the SHE Qualification system that pre-examines activities and processes before operation. SK hynix permits equipment use after proposing criteria about the safety measures for each risk factor by providing SHE H/W Requirement Spec in the case of an initial purchase of the equipment, by performing a pre-check through technical reviews before warehousing the equipment as well as third party certification, etc. and by conducting an inspection before operation about whether the equipment has been safely set-up after warehousing the equipment. In addition, when changes are made, such as modification or changing of equipment during operation, the equipment is inspected before implementation and operation to secure safety.

Advancement of SHE Qualification

Operation of SHE Experience Education Center

SK hynix has conducted safety, health and environment education in the best interests of its members and regional societies in terms of safety, health and environment issues. The focus of education has changed to direct experience and away from theories.
The company has extended the targets of education from its members to cooperative companies and outside visitors. To cultivate safety awareness and strengthen its ability to cope with disasters and accidents in advance, the company has operated a space to experience various safety rules and learning facilities to experience fire-fighting and evacuation techniques.

Action Plan for Emergency Response

SK hynix operates a central emergency room which provides 24 hr surveillance of safety/ fire protection systems and has prepared for all emergency situations through actual/ simulation training on a frequent basis over several years. Emergency Control Tower (ECT) is operated as an initial response measure and the protection of human life is its top priority in the event of an accident in addition to securing the safety of the workplace as well as the surrounding local community. Also, we have secured the ability to take action through the establishment of response procedures and emergency evacuation/ response training for each type of accident (fire, Gas, Chemical, etc.).

Emergency call : 031-5185-9999(Icheon),  043-907-9999(Cheongju)

Co-Existence Cooperation Activity (Cooperative Firm)

Co-existence cooperation activity (cooperative firm)

We, SK hynix, operate a co-existence cooperation program for sustainable growth with the firms that we actively cooperate with.
We also assist cooperative firms in acquiring occupational health and safety management system certifications, practice management system diagnosis, in-house examination support, and conduct risk assessment, SHE objective establishment training, emergency response training to secure the health and safety capacity of cooperative firms so as to prevent accidents, and freely supply support for protective equipments.
In order to communicate with the cooperative firms, we operate a regular consultative group. We award SHE to cooperative firms on the basis of unsatisfactory situations in the field being improved, measuring the work environment as well as by providing inspection support and periodic evaluation.