Management of Work Environment

SK hynix measures and manages its work environment to prevent health hazards and to create a pleasant workplace. The measuring agency/ labor union/ health manager measure harmful factors that may pose exposure dangers in order to ensure the transparency and reliability of the results. In addition, we operate a management program for those who may be at risk by assessing chemical factors, physical factors, etc., muscular skeletal disease preventing activities and run a company affiliated clinic.

Management of Factors Harming Musculoskeletal System

SK hynix conducts the management of elements harmful to the musculoskeletal system to improve the working environment. The company has regularly and repeatedly investigated factors harmful to the musculoskeletal system since 2004 and executed management programs through providing health gymnastics classes, counsels people complaining about pains, operates a physical therapy room and has improved conditions for treating heavy articles.

Health Management

SK hynix operates a 24hr company affiliated clinic for the health care of the members and conducts various programs as well. We assess the health level of members and the impact of occupational activities through yearly physical examinations.
In addition, mental support activities are conducted to manage work stress, sleeping disorders, etc., as well as to prevent suicide and psychic trauma. Also, an in-house cancer care service, etc are provided so that members with advanced diseases can be treated while working.
SK hynix has been recognized for such activities and was selected as an excellent workplace for its health promotion activities by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

Counseling Center to Maintain Health

When unexpected diseases occur, the most important thing is to establish the right treatment plans and eliminate confusion caused by frustration or fear so that confidence in treatment can be established.
SK hynix operates a counseling center for maintaining health in order to provide the best treatment and follow-up service to members suffering from such confusion and facilitate self-management after receiving treatment.

Mind Walk

SK hynix provides various services for mental health to manage members’ mental health and to prevent accidents that may result from mental health problems in business places.
The company manages its members’ job stress through measuring their stress and providing 1:1 counseling and prevents conflicts among team members through operating programs designed to manage persons diagnosed with sleeping disorders in special medical examinations. In addition, the company offers information on mental health based on various themes every month for all members as part of activities to support psychological treatment to promote mental health.

People-Oriented Chemical Substance Management (MSDS)

SK hynix operated a continuous chemical management policy for the safe and proper handling of chemical substances. Through “SHE Qual. System”, new substances are monitored for chemical elements that may have an influence on the health of the members and, based on such monitoring, work environment management and physical examinations, etc are implemented to provide a safe and healthy work environment free from chemical hazards. Also, chemical substance exposure assessments and checks and risk reducing activities are implemented to secure the safety of the members.