SK hynix seeks to pursue the sustainable corporate growth by establishing a security culture based on voluntary participation, bearing in mind that that its tangible and intangible assets as well as its key personnel and the industrial property are the source of corporate competitiveness and the industrial security campaign can therefore contribute not only to the future course of corporate development but to protecting the national interests as well.

Industrial Security Policy

  • To contribute to reinforcing the core competence and raising competitiveness by protecting tangible and intangible assets that include core technologies and the key personnel.
  • To observe the relevant laws and regulations governing industrial security, not to mention, to participate in the campaign protecting the business secrets of the partners and the trade connections.
  • To raise the security awareness of executives and staff members through education and a publicity campaign making efforts to establish a security environment.
  • To set up an organization unit with the relevant personnel assigned to, taking exclusive responsibility of industrial security activities, and to construct a systematically organized system with emphasis given to continuous management for enhancement.
  • To have the implementation of such policy diagnosed by an independent external specialist and use the results in promoting a corporate campaign for industrial security.

Reporting the Incidences of Industrial Security

Disclosure of the ultramodern semiconductor technologies developed by SK hynix by an industrial spy is likely to cause severe damage not only to the SK hynix but also to the national economy. Anyone witnessing the crime scene of an industrial spy or aware of their whereabouts should report it to the Reporting Center immediately.

Industrial Spy Reporting Center

(Tel) 82-31-5185-1112 (E-mail)

The contents of your report and the reporter's identification will be kept strictly confidential.